Traditional Oyster business established in 1991.
The Oyster farm is located in Marennes Oléron and covers 17 hectares of
oyster bed marshes. Facilities include oxygenated cleansing pools,
packaging plant and storage facility.
The business is uniquely managed by two female partners,
Stéphanie Raimbault and Sophie Jarno.
The company prides itself in the quality of production from maturation
and harvesting to processing and production.
In 2005, they joined the “Démarche Qualité” (a quality initiative) for the
Marennes Oléron oysters, before obtaining the IGP,
“Indication Géographique Protégée” (a certificate
guarantying the product’s origin) in 2009.

Our IGP products are :
* “Fine de Claire”: a very slightly fleshy oyster,
    rich in water, with a refined taste.
* “Spéciale de Claire”: a fleshy and mild oyster.
* “Fine de claire verte” Red Label: for people who love
    green oysters with a strong taste.
* “La pousse en Claire” Red Label: for those who love very fleshy
    oysters, with a strong and lasting marsh taste.
* “La Spéciale Fleur des Eaux”: a very fleshy oyster personally selected
    by Stéphanie and Sophie for its slightly sweet taste.

All products are packaged in wooden crates containing 1 to 20 dozen
oysters, according to the sizes no.1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
Our company operates a state of the art computerised labelling system.
This allows us to dispatch immediately to maintain the freshness
and customer satisfaction.